JFM is the solo electronics project of Toronto sound and visual artist Jesse Matthews. A nomadic creator, he navigates the outer sound waves, plucking bits and pieces of junk noise from the sonic ether as he drifts. Sure, he is traveling light: just a sampler full of useless memories from the radio, birds from the park where he slept, dudes at a party, squealing feedback to stab at your ears, bass and drums lifted off a dance club from way down the street at weed alley, whatever. Everything has changed, you know? Now it's all just electronic music for time gamblers and backwoods tweakers. I mean, Jesse and our pal Evan recorded some of this album from a remote control toy boat in a duck pond. Can you hear the black flies swarm as the sun comes up on their all night jam? It's right there. Watch their eye lids gently close as those rays of light start beating down. Will you wade into JFM's mind and feel around as he dreams music into colour, taste and matter? THE DOOR IS OPEN. Edition of 300 vinyl copies | DL. Available now for $13 plus $7.50 shipping.

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Recent Reviews

"Captivated by grime and goop, ears are cleansed of filth only to be replaced with the sludgiest of all beats. High wizard JFM not only delivers the muck of sound sacrifice in his temple of fuck-drip, but also sweats this vibe through excreting samples and grainy textures of any kind, really. Casting down upon the unconverted, JFM becomes their mind’s eye and morphs into what their body needs to move. Gripping everything, including souls and mental health, JFM will stop at nothing to bring your feet to a maddening degradation of psyche.

But lemme keep this brief: I was trolling a typical music source of mine today and stumbled upon JFM. Digitally stumbled upon. Like, I’m fucking trapped in this machine, and it’s at my full-time job. I NEED OUT. HELP. THIS IS REAL. JFM HAS ABSORBED ME INTO MY WORK COMPUTER. And my only way out is if you buy up his Self Titled LP album on Divorce Records!" Tiny Mix Tapes

"Killer album of fractured, lo-fi mutations, from submerged House to tape dub and beyond... JFM is the work of Toronto-based sound and visual artist Jesse Matthews aka JFM. Armed with a trusty sampler and spangled mind, JFM hole-punches chunks of reality into busted and surreal loop grooves recalling the work of everyone from Muslimgauze to Bugskull and Nate Young, rubbing frictional layers of location recordings from contrasting alien environments with a thick soup of FX creating charmingly awkward interzones of mutant disco, house and avant oddness where his mind and sampler run unimpeded. There's a lot of this kind of mongrel/hybrid/lo-fi stuff around at the moment, but this is a keeper..." Boomkat

"Like a bike ride through downtown in August, JFM’s s/t LP is a safari of sounds and styles. These moments only stay with you long enough to make their point, as if they were wafting from the windows of cars and clubs, bars and backyard parties, before you pedal past and the next one gets a hold of your head. Less spasmodic and more sample-based than Black Dice but coming from a similar urban zoo, Jesse Frank Matthews is a radio anthropologist as collage artist, collecting critical bits to make a mosaic in your mind that feels at once nostalgic and immediate, metropolitan and organic." Weird Canada

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