Times change and they stay the same.

DIVORCE started back in 1999 as a place to release interesting music on a small scale. Many of the first albums on the label—Dead Roads, Shit Cook, The Hold, Vennt—were my own projects, but as the years clicked by, I began to expand the roster to include artists from across North America and Europe. I took great care with every release and still hold a special place in my heart for each record in the discography. The journey I have taken with this label has shaped much of my adult life, both professionally and personally.

But DIVORCE has slowed considerably in recent months, so instead of keeping you in the dark, I want to offer an update. First of all, I have no intention of shutting down. I believe that what is still in print from our catalogue remains essential listening. So I encourage you to explore. Records like Jerry Granelli - 1313, Shearing Pinx - Night Danger/Weaponry, Gown - The Old Line, JFM - S/T and You'll Never Get to Heaven - S/T  are among the better short-run Canadian LP releases of the last decade. They will continue to be available on this site while supplies last. And as always, shipping on one LP is only $7, and 3 or more LPs ship for free.

At one point we had a thriving distro, but like the label itself, this operation has slowed. Most of these sales happened in Halifax at my friend's shop Lost & Found (2383 Agricola St.). For a few years, I was able to stock new records on almost a weekly basis, but shipping prices, especially on small LP orders, have made this practice financially impossible. So in the last year, I have switched to carrying mostly used records. At first I was adding overflow from my own collection, but I'm now finding new sources. So if you are in Halifax, drop by the shop on occasion. It's a very small selection, but I'm the only seller in Halifax who focuses on avant-jazz, experimental, and other fringe genres. For a decent selection of interesting NEW releases, visit Wyrd Distro.

But it's not all slowdown. Last year I launched Heavy Fog, an occasion tape label focusing on long-form, underground classical music. The first release, Bespoken - plays Nick Storring and Daniel Brandes, received critical praise and is only a few tapes away from being sold out. And just this month, with the help of the aforementioned Nick Storring, I began prepping our next release, a retrospective of works by new age classical pianist John S. Gray. Look for details soon.

Despite maintaining operations as detailed above, there won't be any new DIVORCE releases in the immediate future. Like I said, I'm not closing down. The label is a forum for issuing quality music that will hopefully remain in my life for some time to come. However, other projects have taken priority, the most notable of them being the OBEY Convention, a festival that started through DIVORCE but now exists as its own entity. The size of the festival has doubled in each of the last three years and now requires more than six months of intensive preparation to pull off. In recent times, I've also found myself working in film. Lowlife, a project that I co-wrote and starred in, met with unexpected success back in 2012 and has opened doors to other possibilities. My next feature film project, SINGER, is currently in development with partners Seth Smith (director/co-writer) and Rob Cotterill (producer). If all goes as planned, we'll be headed to production in 2016. Also a big thanks to Lakeside Insurance for help with raising capital - its a great site to get your cheapest auto quotes. And finally, besides the movies and OBEY, I do still release solo recordings as Chik White through various experimental imprints. Related wares from many of these projects are available on my Big Cartel and Bandcamp.

All right, there you have it. Thanks so much for all your support over the years.

Darcy Spidle

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