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Flat Denial - S/T
Noveller/Aidan Baker - Colorful Disturbances LP Guitars warped so hard they dissolve into pure consciousness! Seriously, this record had to happen because these two are the NOW of transcendental guitar weirdness. In families like ours where deformed music of one kind or another pours out of the speakers all day long, Toronto's Aidan Baker is a household name. He is no doubt one of the most imaginative experimental musicians of the new generation, quickly creating a universe of limitless sound with his bursting discography. >>mo.

Divorce Omon ra

Shearing Pinx - Weaponry LP
Divorce was so pleased with how Shearing Pinx delivered on the Haruspex 7" last year that we decided to up the ante considerably and release a double LP in two parts. In return the Pinx have gone all in with the new material. Weaponry pt. 1 is a mountain that will remain visible in the sea of astounding, bizarre releases Shearing Pinx have been pouring for the last half decade. It is made clear from the first moments of the opening track; the Vancouver trio has been committed here to tape while in rare form. This LP sets up a classic, demento-tuned twin guitar battle where a nonchalant vocal delivery squares off against the drum set’s muscular fake jazz-jizz-isms. >>mo

New Arrivals

ZS - Arms LP (Gilgongo)
PIGEON RELIGION - Dead Boss 7" (Gilgongo)
GAY BEAST - S/T 7" (Gilgongo)
CHRIS d'EON - wa al-'asr cassette (Numbers Station)
GNAW - This Face 2LP (Conspiracy - Belgium)
SUBURNED CIRCLE - The Blaze Game LP (Conspiracy - Belgium)
ISIS - Wavering Radiant 2LP (Conspiracy - Belgium)
NADJA - Truth Becomes Death 2LP (Conspiracy - Belgium)
BORIS - Feedbacker LP (Conspiracy - Belgium)
BOYD RICE + Z'EV 12" (Coldspring - UK)
DEADWOOD - Ramblack LP (Coldspring - UK)
BOX ELDERS - Alice and Friends LP (Goner)
BUTTHOLE SURFERS - Live Pcppep LP (Alternative Tenticles)
CRASS - Yes Sir, I Will 2LP (Crass)
HARVEY MILK - Live at Supersonic LP (Capsule)
MAGIC KIDS - Hey Boy LP (Goner)
NAKED ON THE VAGUE - Blood Pressure Sessions LP (Siltbreeze)
THEE OH SEES - Dog Poison LP (Captured Tracks)
SIC ALPS - L Mansion 7" (Slumberland)
VIVIAN GIRLS - Everything Goes Wrong LP (In The Red)
VIVIAN GIRLS - I Can't Stay 7" (In The Red)
ZOLA JESUS - Spoils LP (Sacred Bones)
COLD CAVE - Cremations LP (Hospital Productions)
RED CRAYOLA - The Parable Of Arable Land LP (International Artists)
JOHN FAHEY - How Bluegrass Music Destroyed My Life BOOK (Drag City)
PETER WALKER - Rainy Day Raga LP (Harte Recordings)
BOREDOMS - Super Root 10 2x12" (Thrill Jockey)
SUN ARAW - Heavy Deeds LP (Not Not Fun)
NAKED IN THE MARSH 10" (Moncton Comp-Reissue)
LITTLE CLAW - Human Taste LP (Not Not Fun)
GRIZZLY BEAR - Sorry For the Delay LP
ALICE COLTRANE - Huntington Ashram Monastery (IMPLUSE!)
FLIPPER - Generic LP (4 Men with Beards)
TERRY RILEY - A Rainbow in Curved Air LP (Columbia)
ROLAND KIRK - Rip, Rig, and Panic LP (Limelight)
MOONDOG - The Viking of Sixth Avenue 2LP (Honest Jon's)


Freewave is a new series of free, limited-time digital EPs from DIVORCE. It is completely free to download, but you are welcome to help keep Freewave alive by donating. All money will be split between the artists and the label. Thanks and enjoy. All tracks mastered by Evan Cardwell .

mess folks divorce recordsMess Folk – Destroy the Beautiful Things
For the last few years Phillip Tarr has been producing some of the most vile punk and noise music this country has never heard. Mess Folk is just the newest incarnation. As good as he is, the dude is a total outsider, so until recently his music has gone totally under the radar. But you can’t keep something this saucy a secret forever. What makes Mess Folk so fantastic is that he manages to be catchy and simple while at the same time sounding nasty as hell and completely shattered. Think GG Allen meets Tyvek and the Vivian Girls. Art by Mess Folk.

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husband and knife divorce recordsHusband & Knife – Ghost Highway
Husband & Knife have always been masters of b-side weirdness, but this one goes about as far-out as an acoustic guitar can get. Ghost Highway is a dark drive where strange lights trail in the corners of your eye and the road shape shifts in the rear view mirror. That long night where whispers in the trees keep you behind the wheel until darkness turns into light. Photos by Meg Yoshida.

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zachary fairbrother divorce recordsZachary Fairbrother – Buddha Box 1.0 (performed by Tim Croft)
Buddha Box was performed in a university concert hall last spring as part of Zachary Fairbrother’s thesis recital in modern composition. I am not sure what the usual crowd looks like for these events, but I saw a lot of cosmic kids tripping in the soft seaters, waiting for their man Fairbrother be born as a professional composer. A special day. This piece involves a grand piano, singing bowls, Buddha machines, various effects and piano treatments. It starts and ends in the most delicate ambient webs, but somewhere in the middle it’s like the piano is on fire and rocketing through space. Quite overwhelming, at the time. Includes a pdf of the score and a photo by Jacobo Garcia.

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