JFM is the solo electronics project of Toronto sound and visual artist Jesse Matthews. A nomadic creator, he navigates the outer sound waves, plucking bits and pieces of junk noise from the sonic ether as he drifts. Sure, he is traveling light: just a sampler full of useless memories from the radio, birds from the park where he slept, dudes at a party, squealing feedback to stab at your ears, bass and drums lifted off a dance club from way down the street at weed alley, whatever. Everything has changed, you know? Now it's all just electronic music for time gamblers and backwoods tweakers. I mean, Jesse and our pal Evan recorded some of this album from a remote control toy boat in a duck pond. Can you hear the black flies swarm as the sun comes up on their all night jam? It's right there. Watch their eye lids gently close as those rays of light start beating down. Will you wade into JFM's mind and feel around as he dreams music into colour, taste and matter? THE DOOR IS OPEN.

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Listen: Ezy2luv
LP Price: $13.00


You’ll Never Get to Heaven – S/T LP
You'll Never Get to Heaven is the stunning new ambient, electronic pop project by partners Chuck Blazevic and Alice Hansen of London, Ontario. Chuck has been creating abstract electronic music for years under both his own name and the tag Dreamsploitation, so it is no surprise to hear such beautiful washes of tone and melody on this new album. Most of the source material is taken from early 20th century classical and ‘70s dub vinyl, with decade’s worth of scratches and dirt beautifully processed into flourishes of swirling texture. Alice's delicate vocals emerge from this ambient fog to guide these tracks through a dream of pop music long forgotten here at DIVORCE.

"The most beautiful Canadian album of the year was an unexpected ambient pop gem from a new duo, London, Ontario's You'll Never Get to Heaven, composed of producer Chuck Blazevic and singer Alice Hansen. Bands spend their whole careers trying to perfect this sort of meticulously layered shoegaze, but these two arrive fully-formed on their self-titled debut. The album's source samples are mostly drawn from early 20th century classical music and 1970s dub, and the combination produces a dense texture for Hansen's vocals to float through. It's an insulating record, one that feels falsely protective in its haze, and sounds like classic My Bloody Valentine's warmest, most comforting moments. Despite having a very consistent sound, each of the songs are distinct and work as stand-alone pieces, including the impeccably crafted instrumental "Reliable Effects." From the beginning Philip Glass scales to the closing Julee Cruise-evoking anthem "It's All Over", You'll Never Get to Heaven tug at the heartstrings and make you never want to leave your room." Alt Altman - Best Albums of 2012, Staff Picks - No Fear of Pop

Listen: Drowning Out
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My Cat is an Alien - Living on the Invisible Line LP
Since 1997 Italian brother duo My Cat Is An Alien has been documenting an ever deepening musical dreamscape, their massive body of work representing some of the most emotive and soulful improvised experimentalism in underground music. Recorded in a remote region of the Western Alps, this latest LP navigates especially tranquil territory as it builds blissed-out pastoral mirages, dappled just slightly with glimmers of an outer darkness. Like much of the duo's best work, Living On the Invisible Line aims for transcendence, leaving behind only spinning heads and zoned souls. Art by MCIAA.

"The Opalio brothers are on a very good run lately. This new LP from Canadian label Divorce Records, under its sober yet evocative sleeve, contains four of their most downright beautiful tracks yet. These four untitled pieces paint a celestial and delicate soundworld. The duo’s early psychedelic deliriums have settled down to make way for a form of electroacoustic dreaminess akin to Japanese group Minamo. And when Roberto starts singing a wordless melody in the final track, it just steals my heart away" Monsieur Délire 

Listen: untitled 03
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Shearing Pinx Night Danger Divorce RecordsShearing Pinx - Night Danger LP

Finally! Part two of the Shearing Pinx epic masterwork of scuzz guitar worship. Night Danger drills even deeper into the sonic chasm opened up with Weaponry -- abstract visions of punk, noise, and aural violence of all sorts stabbing through the psychic crust. Far underground, the Shearing Pinx once again carve out a brave musical universe to disfigure and rule. Art by Rick White. Co-released with Isolated Now Waves.

Listen: Chemical Appeal
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LP Price: $12.00

Granelli, Jerry 1313 LP Divorce RecordsJerry Granelli - 1313 LP
Jerry Granelli has lived a mythic life. He drummed in some of the biggest jazz outfits of the 50s-60s, including the Vince Guaraldi Trio and the Denny Zeitlin Trio. Like many of his peers, Granelli could have played it safe and made a comfortable career doing traditional jazz into his old age, but instead he dove into the new worlds of free and psychedelic music that were opening up around him during the hippie era in San Francisco. In the early 60’s he led one of the first free jazz bands in America. They did a three month opening spot for Lenny Bruce and toured extensively through Europe with the Grateful Dead, playing completely wild and spontaneous sets night after night, often to the scorn of unsuspecting audiences. A few years later he joined Light Sound Dimension (LSD), an outfit that paired marathons of free, amplified jazz with projection painting, effectively launching the first ever psychedelic light and sound event at the San Francisco Art Museum in 1967. LSD was recently inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Since those early years Jerry has played with an impressive list of innovators including Bill Frisell, Ornette Coleman, Jamie Saft, and Anthony Braxton to name just a few. And at 70 he still travels the world playing and teaching new music.
Despite all his accomplishments, until we asked, Granelli had yet to make a solo drum record. For us it seemed fitting that after a life behind the kit, Jerry finally go it alone.  No one, including Jerry, knew what to expect, but the results are remarkable. All the tracks on 1313 except one were played with no overdubs, and most were done in a single take. For those of us involved with documenting the session, it was a magical night. 1313 is dark, masterful, and bravely unique --- an outstanding new exploration of percussion and sound by a man who has been challenging himself musically for 60+ years. Here at DIVORCE we have never been more excited about a release. Engineered by Charles Austin. Produced by Charles Austin, Jerry Granelli, and Darcy Spidle. Mastered by Weasel Walter (Flying Luttenbachers, Lake of Dracula, XBXRX++). Art by Yo Rodeo.

"Truly excellent solo album from a free jazz legend made at the request of Halifax's premier punk and distro label, Divorce Records. Granelli's strong sense of rhythm and his completely internal; silent tempo makes for a solo drum performance that manages to blow your mind while somehow tugging on your heartstrings. It's beautiful." Paul Saulnier - Pitchfork Guestlist Best of 2010

Listen: Wait for the machine
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Video : Live at OBEY Convention 5
LP Price: $13.00

dog day divorce recordsGrand Trine - Sunglasses 12"
The Sunglasses EP finds Montreal's leather clad, psych delinquents Grand Trine injecting the energy of rock with the liberating sonic adventurism of the avant-garde. They do it with violence, piss, life, bleakness and primitivism. And they do it well. Led by agitated frontman Tobias Rochman (formerly of Be Bad) and featuring free jazz sax player Cabral Jacobs, this 5 song EP captures that primal four-on-the-floor frenzy epitomized by proto-punk outfits like the Stooges, MC5, Electric Eels, and early Velvet Underground, bands that lit the spark for the initial punk movement. Grand Trine have been riding a hot streak that shows no sign of letting up. This 12" is easily the next best thing to watching these guys bleed it out in some sweaty Montreal loft. Grab a copy while you can. Recorded by Graham Van Pelt (Think About Life/Miracle Fortress) and David Bryant (Godspeed! You Black Emperor) on 2-inch tape. Mastered by Seth Smith (Dog Day).

Listen: I am a magnet
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12" Price: $10.00

divorce novellerNoveller/Aidan Baker - Colorful Disturbances LP (SOLD OUT!!)
Guitars warped so hard they dissolve into pure consciousness! Seriously, this record had to happen because these two are the NOW of transcendental guitar weirdness. In families like ours where deformed music of one kind or another pours out of the speakers all day long, Toronto's Aidan Baker is a household name. He is no doubt one of the most imaginative experimental musicians of the new generation, quickly creating a universe of limitless sound with his bursting discography. He offers this record an extensive piece which mixes drone, texture, and an ever-bowing foundation -- imagine the sound of falling backwards... forever. The new blood on this split is guitarist Sarah Lipstate from Brooklyn, New York (aka Noveller). Sarah's prepared twin guitar works up a slow hypnotic force, gently pulling way out to the furthest deep end of pulses and patterns. Beautiful repetitions effortlessly skirt over a dark undercurrent. A+++ listen. 

"Colorful Disturbances pairs a side-long piece by Torontonian Aidan Baker with Brooklyn, New York-based Sarah Lipstate who contributes two spectral settings under the Noveller name using nothing more than electric guitar, voice, and tape player for gear. Her pieces—fifteen minutes in total—are atmospheric formations of powerful design. Graceful picking brings “Under the Color Cave” to life, after which Lipstate augments its suspended motion with slow-burning tendrils that deepen and darken the track's meditative mood without destroying the balance. As hypnotic in its slow unfurl of shuddering pulses and spacey warble, “White Rabbit” plunges further down the rabbit hole when Lipstate's distorted voice surfaces near the track's end. Baker's side-long “Disturbances Part 1 & 2” hovers overhead like an immense black cloud, its droning, wave-like shudder a pointillistic, Rorschach scrim on the surface of which shimmering micro-melodies dart hither and yon." Textura.org

Listen: Noveller: White Rabbit (Excerpt) / Under the Color Cave (Exc.) | Baker: Disturbances (Exc.)
Download Album: Bandcamp

dog day divorce recordsDog Day - Elder Schoolhouse 12" (SOLD OUT!!)
These odd duck popsters sound totally sizzled on this new 12 inch 45. Side A is a collection of tunes rolled-up earlier this year at Rick White's Elder Schoolhouse studio. It includes a late night number written by Mr. White especially for his Halifax guests. Flip it over, and the entire B side takes a hazy journey lead by infinite guitar, starting with an ending and answering only to that most distant call. Dig? 5 songs - 26:55 minutes.

"Damn, I love this band. Dog Day linked up with its spiritual forebear, Rick White – whose work with Eric's Trip and Elevator has obviously had a profound influence on the young Halifax quartet – for a few wild days of recording in the country last March, yielding a creepy, slightly tripped-out five-song companion to this year's wicked Concentration album. White has drawn out the more unsettling elements of the band's grimly propulsive post-punk sound, but the melodies are as strong and as memorable as ever. Until you get to the second side, which is a 10-minute experimental noise freakout unlike anything Dog Day has tried before and, perhaps, an intriguing portent of things to come from what is, for my money, the most exciting Canadian act of the moment. Just 400 copies out there on vinyl only. Get your ass to Rotate This before they're gone." Toronto Star

Listen: Synastry
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12" Price: SOLD OUT

divorceShearing Pinx - Weaponry LP (less than 25 copies remaining)
Divorce was so pleased with how Shearing Pinx delivered on the Haruspex 7" last year that we decided to up the ante considerably and release a double LP in two parts. In return the Pinx have gone all in with the new material.  Weaponry pt. 1 is a mountain that will remain visible in the sea of astounding, bizarre releases Shearing Pinx have been pouring for the last half decade. It is made clear from the first moments of the opening track; the Vancouver trio has been committed here to tape while in rare form.  This LP sets up a classic, demento-tuned twin guitar battle where a nonchalant vocal delivery squares off against the drum set’s muscular fake jazz-jizz-isms. William S. Burroughs used a shotgun to create paintings. Shearing Pinx use musical instruments to wound and maim. Tunes for the unglued.  Artwork by Rick White of Eric's Trip / Elevator / Rick White Album.

"Fans of Lee and Thurston’s twin guitar attack, early East Village no wave and the haymaker bludgeoning of locals AIDS Wolf are going to want to jump all over this. On this first installment of their two-stage assault, Weaponry (the second volume is on the way), these noise nerds bare their fangs and draw blood every step of the way. Only 600 copies pressed on wax, so better be nimble on this one." Montreal Mirror

Listen: Battery Born | Selfish acts
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LP Price: $12.00
Divorce records husband and Knife: an end Gown - The Old Line LP
Andrew MacGregor may be most known for his otherworldly guitar collaboration with Thurston Moore in Bark Haze, but his solo work as Gown is equally cosmic. The Old Line is avant-garde guitar music for deep listening and coming undone. A weird meditation. Sprawling webs of guitar ambience and outsider mantras capture an ethereal solitude– the sparse Nova Scotian landscapes that Gown now calls home reflected in the texture of his music. This is noise that sounds like a sky of birds settling into the trees for a night away from the wind.

"The Old Line is dense; a desolate bus-ride on the midnight express to nowhere, culminating in the heaviest, trance-inducing psychedelic yogi-chant ever documented. Gown, the solo project of Thurston Moore collaborator Andrew McGregor (now residing in Nova Scotia), is not your paltry foray into distorted minimalism. Having cut the fabric of space-time and emerged as its own cosmic entity, Gown self-assimilates the reverberations of our universe and rebroadcasts them as soundtracks to our imagination’s self-deprecated autobiography. All the reverb-soaked, red-line meanderings underneath Andrew’s atonal murmurs resonate with the basement of our psyche. It’s challenging and absolutely impressive how deep The Old Line penetrates. I’ve spent three days with this record and I’m not yet ready for the world." Weird Canada

Listen: roots | here
Download: Bandcamp
LP Price: $12.00
Divorce records husband and Knife: an endHusband & Knife – An End LP 
Husband & Knife songs are earnest and soulful, at times evoking the spirit of powerful forces like Nick Drake, the young Paul Westerberg and even Johnny Cash in his darkest moments. But as with most worthwhile songwriters, KC Spidle is an artist of his own design, essentially crafting honest songs to make sense of a fucked up life. He has always gone right to the bottom, exploring themes of suicide, poverty, alcoholism, and drug abuse. An End chronicles the latest chapter--a hard separation and the ensuing fight against spiritual meltdown.

This LP had been in the works for awhile. Although KC spent most of the previous year touring with his band Dog Day, he managed to record dozens of versions of the album and scrap as many songs. Unlike the naked guitar and vocal approach of his debut effort Welcome Back to the Nothingness of Your Life, on An End, KC carefully crafts each song using multiple instruments, found sounds and objects, field records, and a pile of makeshift recording gear. His obsessive approach has produced a record which blends sound and song to beautifully capture yet another shadowy passage of time. Art by Halifax's Rachael Parsons.

"Good label/band name match! K.C. Spidle is of Canadian extract and, like his countrymen the Constantines, he’s exceptionally good at couching a large bummer vibe in songs whose acoustic riff-logic hangs together like Spider-Man’s webbing without ever a) wandering into, I dunno, something Jack Johnson might try to cover, or b) the “I’m deep!” amorphous unplugged meander that seems to curse so many well-meaning young men these days. Doesn’t hurt that the bummer vibe finds our man down a very deep well that he can articulate better than most. “You took the keys from me/because I laugh too loud,” nails a tense moment in any evening out as well or better than anyone. Assuming this jobless (“Job”), boozing (pick one) depressive is alive to make it, I await the next record. 500 mopey copies." Still Single / Dusted

Listen: The Sea
Download Album: Bandcamp | iTunes
LP Price: $12.00
ShearpinxShearing Pinx - Haruspex EP 7"
Vancouver’s Shearing Pinx have been on fire lately, releasing one tripped out slab of no-wave goodness after another. This latest offering pushes onward with some of their most doped up freak-outs and weirdo jams. Until recently, the Pinx saved the wildest material for tapes, CDRs and the road, but as proved on their recent split with the Mutators, they can let loose on wax too. Haruspex is the next open door. Artwork by Nicholas MacMillian.
Listen: Negaman
ventVennt - S/T EP CD
The latest offering from Divorce is Vennt, an unnerving exploration of gloom. Sandy Saunders (aka Torso) fronts the project with some of his most harrowing electronics and vocal performances to date. He's joined by Divorce boss Darcy Spidle on three piece drums and the band's mastermind Jordan Hines on bass. The music draws on a unique mix of influences including power electronics, black metal, doom, ambience, and drone. With this EP, Vennt aimed to produce the heaviest and most bleak offering possible. Minimally packaged in a black, cardboard sleeve and heavy vinyl pouch.

Listen: N/A
Be Bad Vision CorrectionBe Bad - Vision Correction CD
After two years, several tours and a slew of short run, non-standard format releases, Divorce is proud to bring you Be Bad's first full-length album. 'Vision Correction' is a pounding guitar record that guides the listener through heady realms. Encased in a monstrous drum trip that at times expands to three kits, Be Bad explore elements of noise, post-punk, no-wave, and free jazz. The crass and howling vocals evoke punk poet Henry Rollins and dope poet Nick Cave - mean, psychedelic, and cerebral. Musical influences on this album range from Black Flag and MC5 to Sun Ra and The Boredoms, but Be Bad do not pay homage, they contribute. Recorded by J. Lapointe. Mastered by Seth Smith. Amazing metallic silver and black pantone spot colour design by Nicholas MacMillan.

Listen: N/A
Price: $8.00
Unicorn/Torse SpliUnicorn/Torso Split CD (less than 30 copies remaining)
Unicorn is the solo work of American noise veteran Bill Nelson (Bastard Noise, Sleestak). Torso is the blistering noise of Halifax's Sandy Saunders. This 70 + minute split explores minimal drone, deafening power, and all the spaces inbetween. The cover design and custom printing is by Bill's Thumbprint press. All orders of this album ship with a free copy of Vennt - S/T EP.
Listen: N/A

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Crowd Control Sound & Art Series (R.I.P.)
CRO1  Tanya Busse & Lindsay Dobbin  Zine+CD-R  SOLD OUT
CRO2  Torso / GACK / Sandy Saunders  Zine+CD-R SOLD OUT


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